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Some tips specific to MediaWiki for those who have used other types of Wikis before.



  • You don't have to mangle phrases to fit CamelCase, and we'd prefer you didn't. Spaces are just fine. Thus its perfectly ok to link to Michael G Schwern rather than MichaelGSchwern. In fact, just about anything is fine.
  • Colons are ok, too. Thus if you want to make a page about Test::Harness you don't have to mangle the name!


  • MediaWiki does not automatically change CamelCase into a wiki link. You have to do it explicitly with double square brackets. See MediaWiki Help:Link for details.
  • Pages can be explicitly renamed/moved, rather than cut & pasted, to preserve history. A redirect from the old name to the new will remain so old links still work.
  • Rather than cluttering up the page itself with comments, suggestions and questions you can discuss the page in its talk page, the "discussion" link above. For example, Talk:MediaWiki_Editing_Tips. Please sign your messages.


  • Categories are a very powerful feature of MediaWiki. For example, you can put all the pages pasted from the Old Wiki into its own category: Category:Old Wiki . That way they can be found and cleaned up.
  • Many wiki commands have hotkeys. Just hover your mouse over an item (such as the edit button) and read the tooltip.


  • When you create a user account on the system it gives you a page like User:Skud which is your "user page". You should refer to users by this link, though to make it pretty you can do [[User:Skud|Skud]] in the markup. User pages allow you to see a user's contributions, etc.
  • You can leave messages for another user through their talk page such as User_talk:Schwern.
  • You can sign your contributions (especially comments in a Talk page) by using the markup --~~~~. That's two dashes and four tildes. Note that there's a little signature icon above the editing textbox. Second from the right, looks like a signature. This will auto-date and link to your user page.
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