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Live Hackathon Notice Board

Hackathon Notice Board

To help us all get organised, keep us up to date on where you are now, when you are leaving, and where you'll be later, so we can find each other a little easier.

Hackathon Pictures

Hackathon pictures on Flickr

About the Hackathon

Oslo Perl Mongers are arranging a QA hackathon in cooperation with several sponsors, including Linpro and the Norwegian National Innovation Center for Open Source who are arranging the "Go Open" conference about the use of free software in the public sector/government.

The hackathon event will be on Saturday April 5th to Monday April 7th 2008.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of a QA hackathon would be to Quality Assurance-related problems that are easier to solve when everyone is gathered in the same physical location. This can include issues with packaging, testing modules, community support or with tools. To achieve this we'll attempt to fund travel & lodging for a core group of QA people, and try our best to make this workshop as fun, useful, relevant and productive as possible.

  • Find 10-14 people that would like to meet up and solve one, two or more QA-related hard problems that can be realistically solved in one weekend.
  • Fund the trip and the stay for ALL the invited participants. (We aim high. Expect us to fail :)
  • Make sure the workshop is open for anyone interested to join.
  • Allow the participants to experience a few of the cool things about winter in Norway. (Well, April is usually not that snowy, so we'll see. :)

It's likely that the workshop will be required to have a measurable goal of some sort. I have no idea what that should be - Measurable goal suggestions are appreciated.

Target audience

Is this a CPAN/Perl-only event? Preferably not. We'd love to see people from the Java, C, C#, PHP, Python and Ruby communities. Perhaps this is a good place to push TAP and related tools? Another group of people we'd love to invite are the guys responsible for packaging Perl in the different distributions and OSes (Debian, Fedora, *BSD, Solaris, MacOS X?) Do you know of anyone who would be interested in coming? Tell them about this!


The status of this project, as of 2008-03-26 is:

  • The workshop will be held on April 5th to 7th 2008, at Linpro's offices in Oslo, Norway.
  • We currently have funding for: 7
  • Commitments: 18
    • ...provided there's funding: 0
    • ...without provisions: 3
    • ...with own sponsor: 7
    • ...with assigned sponsor: 7
    • ...with part sponsorship: 1

See also Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Attendees and Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Travel.

Related events

There are also some other happenings going on in the days before and after the hackathon.

"Go Open" conference

The "Go Open" conference will be held in Oslo on April 8th and 9th 2008. We'll have a limited amount of free access passes to give away at the hackathon.

  • The "Go Open" conference will be a two-day, four-track event about the use of Open Source and Free Software in the public sector. The four tracks will be "OpenOffice.org", "Strategy/Free Software in Business", "Free Software in the Public Sector" and a Technical track.
  • The conference organizers have ambition to make this a very large cross-discipline event, aimed at both the managerial and the technical crowd (!).
  • Invitees who are sponsored by the conference are expected to give a talk.
  • Invitees to the hackathon will probably get free access to the conference. (Need second confirmation for this.)

"Ruby Fools" conference

  • The second half of the "Ruby Fools" conference will be held in Oslo on April 3rd and 4th 2008.

IEEE Testing Conference in Lillehammer

  • The cost of the conference is prohibitive ($1000) but I intend to crash the conference and bluster my way in. Having a good chunk of Perl's QA brains arriving en-masse will help. Anyone with me? The more who commit to attend the better chance I will have of convincing them to let us in. -- Schwern


Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 :Achievements

Conference Format, Schedule and Topics

The format will be portland dentist -like. There will be no schedule up front, we'll decide on what to hack on/do on the first hackathon day. Bring Your Pet Peeve, or your Grand Master Plan that will make life easier for everyone (in the Perl community, or in the world in general. :)


Linpro has been gracious enough to san francisco personal injury lawyer offer their offices as a location for the hackathon! We'll have 5 rooms and 2 open areas to work in, with an estimated max capacity for about 60 people.

To find the venue, please consult these webpages:

There's a map of all Hackathon venues here: Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Locations


That's it! :)

Travel and Hotel

See the Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Travel page for travel and accommodation suggestions.


Where will we find funding? The "Go Open" conference organizers have a decent budget for 2007 and 2008 that they have for activities like this. We're primarily aiming for a part of that. In addition, the NUUG Foundation san francisco chiropractor have a respectable yearly budget for supporting free software/open source-related activities, and have already helped organize conferences like DebConf/DebCamp and the Nordic Perl Workshop. It's not unlikely that some companies would sponsor one or two people too, and I know for a fact that Oslo.pm has the funds to fly in one person.

I think there's reason to be optimistic. :)

And to continue on this thread (reasons to be optimistic), these are our current sponsors:

  • , 1 person, Nadim Khemir

Finding new sponsors

Although the list above is nice, we can't do as much as we'd like with it. If you know of someone who'd be willing to sponsor one or two people, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. If your employer is willing to fly you to Oslo, that counts as sponsorship too - so do tell me about it. :)

Contact info for questions and feedback

Salve J. Nilsen

  • email: sjn@pvv.org
  • phone: (+47) 906 09 835
  • irc: sjn @ irc.perl.org (and other networks.) I'll hang out in #perl-qa on irc.perl.org, feel free to bug me there. :)


Wiki editing

If you have something to add, please go ahead.

On behalf of Oslo Perl Mongers (& al.)

- Salve J. Nilsen (Primus Motor)

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