Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Food

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Places To Get Food

These places should be able to accommodate our volume and dietary requirements.

The Linpro cantina

Lunch, sandwiches and such. More details later.

To Order From

  • Dolly Dimple (Pizza)
  • Peppe's Pizza (Pizza)
  • Pizza & Kina ekspressen (Pizza & chinese)
  • The local Vietnamese take-away (Sushi & Viet & Thai & Chinese)

To Go To

Restaurants near the venue include:

  • Oscar (fancy, expensive)
  • Peppe's Pizza (not very fancy, but still pricy)

Near the "Anker" hotel, there are LOTS. :)

To buy

There are several grocery stores nearby, including a cheap one in the building the venue is. Opening hours are good, but closed on sunday.

Dietary requirements

Please put any special dietary requirements or requests you have here. Please indicate if it's an absolute requirement or a request.

  • Schwern
    • I'll eat anything.
    • Request: Tea, water, juice, non-sugary/salty snacks.
  • Dagolden
    • Flexible, but prefer to minimize dairy. Can deal with pizza if needed.
    • Request: diet/non-caffeine drinks (water is fine) and "healthier" snacks
  • Adrian Howard
    • Vegetarian of the non-fish eating variety. Apart from that easy :)
  • Adam Kennedy
    • No bananas (everything else)
    • No beer (everything else)
    • Since it's legal (and I understand traditional...) whale at some point?
  • H.Merijn Brand
    • Allergic to sea-food (all fish, shrimp, cockels etc)
    • prefer: raindeer (been a while since I had that :)
  • Andy Armstrong
    • Hot water so I can make Earl Grey :)
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