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   <marker lat="59.92738" lon="10.76525">
       The Shamrock Pub meetup, friday 18:00 and onward.
   <marker lat="59.917554" lon="10.758244">
       Best Western Anker, where most of the hackathon attendees stay.
   <marker lat="59.945582" lon="10.777996" color="green">
       Linpro, the main hackathon venue. Directions.
   <marker lat="59.9156" lon="10.74055">
       Hotel Thon Stefan
   <marker lat="59.918129" lon="10.739973">
       Hotel Scandic Edderkoppen
   <marker lat="59.911197" lon="10.752075">
       Oslo Central Railway station. Trains from OSL/Gardermoen stop here.
   <marker lat="59.943395" lon="10.776418">
       Salve lives here :)
   <marker lat="59.915171" lon="10.738578">
      Venue for the Go Open conference (at the Norwegian Theatre.)
   <marker lat="59.917462" lon="10.757825">
      Anker Hostel
   <marker lat="59.911837" lon="10.75878">
      Oslo Bus Terminal, endpoint for several of the long distance buses in the region, including from Torp airport, and OSL/Gardermoen.
   <marker lat="59.910871" lon="10.741747">
     Mauds, the restaurant we'll be at on monday.


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