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As a schedule develops for hacking, meals, drinking, etc., please update it here.

For other info about the event, see the Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 page.


Location map: Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 : Locations

Before the Hackathon

Wednesday, April 2

Friday, April 4

  • 12:00 Noon
    • Meet at Anker Best Western for lunch and afternoon sightseeing
      • Expected: David Golden, rjbs, Andy A, brian d foy
  • Afternoon
    • Sightseeing in Oslo. Exact details TBD. Anyone welcome to join. See 12:00 Noon meetup.
  • Evening
    • Pub meetup at The Shamrock from 18:00 and onwards. They have food and good drink, and lots of space for us. Come when you can! :)

During the Hackathon

Saturday, April 5

  • 09:30: Scheduling meeting.
    • First, everyone who want to lead one or more topics get to give a 3-4 minute oral introduction about each of the topics.
    • Next, we'll set up the weekend schedule on a wall in the scheduling area. Come prepared, paper, markers & tape will be supplied. :)
  • 12:00-ish?: Lunch, sponsored
  • Afternoon-ish?: Run, unsponsored, some of us take a break from the computers and go for a run by the river, if you want to come along please talk to jonasbn/bdfoy

Sunday, April 6

  • 09:30: Scheduling meeting.
    • Readjustments and changes to the schedule.
  • 12:00-ish?: Lunch, sponsored

Monday, April 7

  • 09:30: Scheduling meeting.
    • Readjustments and changes to the schedule.
  • 11:00
    • Zak Greant, from the Mozilla Foundation, will hold a talk about "What is free software and why use it?" at Linpro. Everyone is welcome to listen to the talk.
  • 12:00-ish: Free lunch with the Linpro crowd.
  • Evening: Go Open conference social event.
    • Meet some of the speakers at the conference.

After the Hackathon

Tuesday, April 8

  • Go Open conference. Salve has a bunch of free passes to it, and will give them to people who 1) come from abroad and have time to attend, 2) people helping out at the hackathon, 3) anyone else, when there aren't any left of the first or second ones. :)
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