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This page provides information on how to get to Oslo and where to stay.

For other info about the event, see the Oslo QA Hackathon 2008 page.

Getting to Oslo

To get to and stay in Oslo, there are a couple of options.


We suggest you to arrive on one of the following dates:

  • 2-4 April QA Automation using Perl course by Gabor Szabo in a classroom provided by Linpro
  • Friday April 4th, to be able to attend the hackathon from the start
  • Wednesday April 2nd, to attend the monthly Oslo.pm meeting
  • Wednesday April 2nd, to attend the Ruby Fools conference that will be in Oslo on April 3rd and 4th.

When departing, you may want to consider this:

  • Monday April 7th, we'll keep on hacking till we're done. No need to leave early!
  • Monday April 7th in the evening, there'll be a small party arranged by the Go Open conference guys. We're invited. :)
  • Tuesday April 8th and Wednesday 9th, the Go Open conference is on. There will be quite a few interesting talks there, and with luck a few of us may get free passes.
  • Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th, IEEE will arrange a conference on software testing in Lillehammer.


The closest airport is Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL). (More details to come!)

Getting from the airport to the hotels

Need suggestions from locals

From the Best Western Anker web site
The Airport Expresstrain from Oslo Airport to the Central Station takes 20 minutes. There are also trains and busses which will take 40 minutes. Outside the Central Station, Jernbanetorget, tram number 12 and 13 and bus number 30, 31 and 32 will take you to the hotel. The stop is called Hausmannsgate. There is at taxi rank by the Central Station. Walking distance from the Central Station to the hotel: 7–8 minutes.

Getting around Oslo

A single ticket valid for an hour costs 30 NOK. A daily ticket costs 60 NOK. A 7 day ticket is 210 NOK. The ride from the Anker hotel (and hostel) is about 15 min by tram or 4 km walk uphill.

Exchange rates (2008-04-01)

1 EUR = 8.000 NOK, 1 GBP = 10.137 NOK, 1 USD = 5.128 NOK
1 NOK = € 0.125, £ 0.099, $ 0.195


There are a few options for lodging (all rates in Norwegian Kroner.)

I'd like to recommend Best Western Anker Hotel, since it's located fairly central and is not too expensive. If you're on a very tight budget, there's an option to stay in shared rooms at the Anker or Perminalen hostel.

Anker Hostel (hostel)

Perminalen (very central hostel, often full)

Best Western Anker Hotel (RECOMMENDED hotel)

Scandic Edderkoppen (close to Go Open conference venue)

Scandic Byporten (very central)

Who? When? Where?

If you are going to come to the conference, please list here when are you going to be there and where are you staying.

  • Andy Armstrong
    • Arriving April 3, departing April 11
    • Staying at Best Western Anker
  • brian d foy
    • Arriving April 2, departing April 8
    • Staying at Best Western Anker
  • Curtis "Ovid" Poe
    • Arriving April 4, 1:30 PM, departing April 8
    • Staying at Best Western Anker
  • David Golden, Ricardo Signes, Michael Peters
    • Arriving 9:35 AM, April 4, Continental Airlines from Newark
    • departing 11:25 AM, April 8
    • Staying at Best Western Anker
  • Gabor Szabo
    • Arriving 1st 12:55 (OS 335) by Austrian Airlines via Vienna
    • Leaving 8th 13:45 (OS 336)
    • Staying at Best Western Anker (with Thomas Klausner)
  • Jeremiah C. Foster 4th April - 8th April
    • Arriving the 4th
    • Leaving on the 8th
    • Forgot where I am staying, a hostel I believe. Hmm, have to check on that.
  • Michael G Schwern
    • Arriving April 4th, Ryan Air from London (Stansted)
    • Departing April 11th, Ryan Air to Glascow
    • Attending QA Hackathon, Go Open
    • Staying at Thon Hotel Stefan 4th-9th
    • Best Western Anker 10th
  • Thomas Klausner
    • Arriving April 4th, 12:55 (OS 335)
    • Departing April 8th, 13:45 (OS 336)
    • Staying at Best Western Anker (with Gabor Szabo)
  • Adrian Howard
    • Arriving April 4th (in to airport @ 8:40pm)
    • Leaving April 8 (catching flight at 3:05pm)
    • Best Western Anker Hotel
  • Peter Makholm
    • Arriving April 4th (16:30 at Gardermoen)
    • Leaving April 7th (16:05 at Gardermoen)
    • Staying at Best Western Anker Hotel
  • H.Merijn Brand
    • Arriving 20080403 (20:00 Gardermoen KL1149)
    • Leaving 20080408 (17:20 Gardermoen KL1148)
    • Staying at Best Western Anker Hotel
  • Mark Overmeer
    • Arriving 20080404 (20:00 Gardermoen KL1149)
    • Departing 20080407 (17:20 KL1148)
    • Staying at Best Western Anker Hotel
  • Anton Berezin, Lars Thegler
    • Arriving Fri Apr 4 (11:40 Gardermoen SK462)
    • Departing Tue Apr 8 (09:25 Gardermoen SK455)
    • Staying at Scandic Edderkoppen
  • Adam Kennedy
    • Arriving Fri Apr 4 (11:00 Oslo/Oslo Airport Terminal 5 QF3591/BA762)
    • Departing Wed Apr 9 (16:00 Oslo/Oslo Airport Terminal 5 QF3614/BA767)
    • Staying at Thon Hotel Stefan
    • Attending QA Hackathon, Go Open, leaving immediate following Schwern's talk.
  • Nadim Khemir
    • Arriving Fri Apr 4 (12:35 SK458)
    • Departing Tue Apr 8 (12:15 SK457)
    • Staying at Scandic Edderkoppen
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