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This page contains the untested modules for the perl core.

Please mark modules that you are working on writing tests for with a # sign before the module name and your email address in brackets after the module name. ex: <pre>#AutoSplit [zach@zachlipton.com]</pre>

When you have completed tests for the module, please email patches to p5p. Delete the test item from this list _only_ after the patch has been accepted.

This is the current list of untested modules:

  • B::CC
  • B::Stackobj
  • ByteLoader
  • CPAN
  • ExtUtils::MM_NW5
  • ExtUtils::MM_VMS [exists, but needs some lovin']
  • ExtUtils::Mksymlists
  • Net::Cmd
  • Net::POP3
  • #Tie::ExtraHash [david@cantrell.org.uk]

The core "does it compile" test lists only DynaLoader now....

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